The Property

JPEG vue sur la piscine {JPEG} L'Amandier et sa terrasse {JPEG} Piscine et paillote {JPEG} La paillote {JPEG}
Four habitations face the picturesque village of Mirabel-aux-Baronnies. It is in this idyllic and natural environment that you will find peacefulness and intimacy.

Next to the main entrance is “L’Amandier”, the first bedroom with its own private patio.

A stairway leads to the antique Inn or main house composed of three bedrooms, “Clocher1”, “Clocher2”, “La suite”, along with a dining and living room. The spacious and tree-lined patio in front of the house offers a magnificent view of the Mont Ventoux.

A cottage, ideal for 4 people, is situated next to the straw hut and the swimming pool. There are 2 bedrooms and a private patio.

Finally, amongst a luxurious and enchanted garden, the straw pool hut will allow you to rest all day, and enjoy convivial summer evenings with gourmet dinners.

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